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The quality of indoor air in NorthEast Florida is affected by many factors, including smoke, pets, pollen, dust, and humidity. Pollen is prevalent in the Spring and Fall, affecting people who suffer with allergies and hayfever. The humidity that we experience in Florida is also an important consideration in air quality, as moisture allows bacteria to grow and can make the air uncomfortable. In an airtight home, it is sometimes difficult to get pollen, smoke residue, and pollutants out of the home's air and air conditioning system.

Air to Air offers several air quality products for customers to get the best quality indoor air possible. We can consult with you and recommend ways to improve your indoor air quality, from recommending an entirely new system to cleaning ductwork or fitting a new filtration or purification system in your current air conditioning system.

Air to Air proudly offers the following air quality products -

U.V. Light Air Purification
Energy Recovery Ventilation

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