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Jerry and Sandra McDaniel

We just want to take a moment to thank you for the free first time service on our AC units. The man who came to our home was one of the nicest service people we have ever had in our home. We will certainly look forward to using your services in the future and will pass your company name to the 50+ real estate agents at ERA Davis + Linn where I work.  Thanks so much once again!  Your neighbors at 7744 Collins Grove Rd. Jerry and Sandra McDaniel

Michey Daleani

Dear Rick, Cale, and the Air to Air team; I am writing to express my gratitude and sincere appreciation for your work in replacing our HVAC system on 4/29/13. From the moment I spoke with you on the phone, Rick, I knew that you were the best choice in terms of a company who cared more about customer service and quality above all else. You were honest and straight forward about my options and truly helped me to make an informed decision, whether I chose your company or not. Those qualities set you apart and above all others. Cale helped explain the proposal and the pros and cons of each unit - and I'm sure he'll agree that I am inquisitive, to say the least. The service technicians were no exception! They were the utmost professional and courteous - and when I asked about recreating the condenser, they instantly rose to the challenge! For all of those reasons, I will certainly refer you to anyone needing your services. Thank you for making this the best possible experience! Deepest gratitude, Michey Daleani

Joyce and Frank Touchton

To Management: I just wanted to take this time to let you know that your service technician was doing an excellent job on our install. He was very polite and hard working. I know at times in a service industry you only hear about problems or complaints. But we felt in his case he needed to be acknowledged for a great job done so far. Thank you, Joyce and Frank Touchton


The best part about this company are the ladies who answer the telephones. Awesome customer service.


Great service!!!! Great price!!!


I could not get someone to come out to my house fast enough.....I called Air to Air and I talked to a live person on the phone and they had someone out in a flash...Thanks to Air to Air I am cooling again.

Joe Powell

The fan on my AC stopped blowing last night and since I drive past a house in my neighborhood that has an Air to Air truck in it, I decided to give y'all a call to get it fixed. I also called 2 other companies just to be safe. (I don't want to keep the wife waiting in a hot house ya know). The service technician called back within two hours of my call earlier this morning and estimated he'd be able to get to my house around noon. He arrived around 2:30 pm and after a brief explanation of the problem by me, he examined the unit and diagnosed the problem literally in less than a minute. He identified the faulty part and luckily had a replacement on hand. My unit was back on and blowing cold air again in record time. I wanted to send a short note to let you know how impressed my wife and I were with our experience with Air to Air. We would definitely recommend your company to anyone else needing your services. Joe Powell, a happy customer P.S. Neither of the other two companies have yet to call me back ... 8 hours and counting ...

Jennifer Brooks

I would like to thank you for having such a great service technician. I called because something was wrong with my AC. I ask him the price for coming out and he told me. He then began helping me trouble shoot what I could do myself. When none of those worked, he told me he would be here shortly. He was here in no time. He showed me where the filter was since this is our new home. He went and trouble shot and found the problem and showed me everything he was doing. He has a great attitude, and a very nice man to talk to. I will definitely recommend your company to any of my friends if they should ever need your companies help. Thank you Again!  


Good Morning, Hope your Labor Day was enjoyable and included some R & R. I walked back into our Master Bedroom on Sunday afternoon about 4:00 pm and found the temp at 82 Degrees. I checked the outside unit and found it was not operating and when it tried to cut on it would not. I called your office number at 4:15 relating the problem. At around 4:50 I received a call from your service technician and was told he would be here in about 1 ½ hours. He arrived right on time and immediately found the capacitor bad. He replaced it and checked the pressures and coolant and had us back up and running in a short time. I want you to know that I was very impressed with him and the work he did on our smaller unit. I enjoyed visiting with him and learning a few things more about our AC unit. It appears you have hired a very good representative for your company. Send me a bill and I will send you the payment. Have a great week and let's try to make next week work for lunch. Best Regards, Keith

Sarah and Rod Lich

Dear Mr. Josh Howard and Teresa, After a very hot summer, we are finally comfortable thanks to Air to Air and your technician. Our tale of woe began on Memorial Day weekend, when our A/C unit decided to completely stop running. Every company in the Jacksonville area was overwhelmed with calls due to the holiday, so we had no choice but to risk the repair to a "1-800-come quick" type of business. Although the repairman managed to get our fan running, we still had issues with the heat overwhelming the unit. When we topped out at 86 degrees in our house, we logged a call to Air to Air since we remembered being satisfied with a previous service experience. Your service technician arrived and almost immediately identified the problem. Unfortunately, our 1-800-come quick repair guy had overcharged our system to almost twice the recommended level! She reset our levels and then cleaned both the yard unit and the garage handler. She took the time to explain what she was doing and provided additional maintenance advice so that our unit would continue running well. She went the proverbial "extra mile". Thank you for providing a knowledgeable repair technician. We are happy to report that our A/C is now cooling the house easily. My husband and I both learned a valuable lesson: we will only call Air to Air for future repairs, even if it means having to go to a hotel for heat relief until your company can get to us! Sarah and Rod Lich

Tom L'Hote

Rick, I try to point out positives instead of negatives when dealing with various servicing companies. Carol and I have been with your company for quite some time. We have always been satisfied with the service, your prices are fair and the quality of personnel you have employed. A service technician came to our house today to take care of our units for the summer months. As has been the case in the past, I was very impressed with the person who came from your shop. He told me in conversation, after I asked him how long he has been with your firm, that he has been employed by you for about a month. He is very professional, handles himself well and comes across as very honest and straightforward.  He is, in my opinion, a good addition to your group. Have a great day, Tom L'Hote

Greg and Diane Hodge

We just recently called you all to check our AC unit installed by your company in August 2014 (Hodge in Middleburg, FL). The service person that responded in a timely manner,  just this last Thursday. She was very polite and had an outstanding personality and remedied the problem and seemed to be very knowledgeable. You need to keep this service person on your crew and also may want to consider a near future raise in my opinion. This was a "want to satisfy the customer caring employee" not too many of those left, and did a lot for the name Air to Air Inc. Be sure this compliment gets to the high up .... and again, outstanding service, I don't know what else to say. Thank you, Greg and Diane Hodge

Jim Henry

Rick, one of our AC units went out this afternoon I called your emergency number and within one minute got a return call from a service technician. She was here within an hour and did an amazing job of fixing our problems. Wiring and electrical issues among other things. I just wanted you to know it was outstanding service. The service technician is first class and represents you very well. Jim Henry


Mr. Dempsey just called to say how professional our company is and how happy is with the service he received. He has talked to the service coordinators on the phone for help and the technicians went out to work at his house today. Each technician was professional and helped to solve his problem. Each person he has talked to in the office was professional and he will recommend our company to others. Thanks, Susan

Ken Hicks

Since Cindy and I moved here from California, we have had repairs on our A/C unit done 4 times. This is since 2004 so 4 repairs in 13 years is not bad. The interesting part of this is that only Air to Air has worked on our unit. This unit was installed when the house was built in 2001 and the above is the only work done. The Technicians from Air to Air are some of the best I have seen. They are professional in their demeanor and always include me in their diagnosis. My neighbors are somewhat jealous, as they have all had to have their A/C units replaced, and each time I tell them I'm having issues they say it is my turn, and the magicians from Air to Air show up, and I have a cool house that same day. PRIOR TO MOVING TO Florida, I was the Director of training for a private school that taught automotive; HVAC and Plumbing repair. I truly believe the technicians from Air to Air are the best in NE Florida, and would have hired any of them as instructors. The tech today  found the problem and chased down the root cause then repaired it.  Ken Hicks

Joseph Ganassin

My name is Joseph Ganassin, and I'm contacting you in regards to a service call I made this evening. I just wanted to compliment Air to Air on the service I received. When I called Air to Air around 9:30 pm, half expecting you to be closed since it is Memorial Day, I spoke with a representative that ensured me I would receive a call from the on-call technician within an hour. Not 10 minutes later after hanging up I received a call from the service technician who was more than helpful in troubleshooting my problem which turned out to be a simple fix. He quickly and professionally guided me to a solution, which allowed my family and I to sleep comfortably. I applaud your service and keep up the good work! Very respectfully, Joseph Ganassin    

Tray Parker

I meant to send this yesterday. The service technician you sent out to work on my AC at my house was awesome. It was late, I know he had had a long day, but he was incredibly professional, and very helpful. I was very impressed by him. He seems like he's got it together and saved the day for me. I really appreciate it. Thanks. Tray Parker

Hailey Burleson

Mr. & Mrs. Woods would like everyone to know that they absolutely loved your service technicians. She says they were all very respectful and polite throughout the whole process. They went above and beyond in explaining the system and all its features to them.

Diana West


Rick, I wanted to let you know the men you sent to my home were terrific! They were kind, nice , professional and the best service experience I have ever had. My husband and I really appreciate you helping us out in our time of need. If we know anyone that needs a new A/C or service, I will definitely send them your way. Thank you again for all of your help. Diana West, CISR

Dave Lingerfelt

Rick, I thank you and the staff of professionals of your company, for the solutions to my home HVAC system. This proved to be a positive adventure in the sense that most home owners dread the day they have to part company with their old equipment, and seek purchasing solutions. My first contact with the office was routed to a off campus respondent service that was completed in a timely and customer oriented approach. This of course was a weekend call, and being a bit of emergency, was handled by that service - that built a solid foundation of goodwill. My call was forwarded to a service technician and he called within a short period of time to obtain my details and set an appointment. He went beyond the normal call of duty and offered to visit on Sunday. We met on that day, as promised, and began the process of discovering the problems of the units. He was an excellent sales and marketing professional to offer the cost effective solutions, being that this is a major expense to anyone. I would want this person in my company, and I am sure you sense his potential is strong and is being applied to your expectations. My units were delivered on the exact day that was scheduled, by the installer. He was very friendly and dedicated to customer service. I was especially impressed with his comments and feelings about working for you and the group. In my days, this is a refreshing impression from those negative reactions, which I had with sub contractors on the job sites. The install and start up was accomplished with effective professional - fit and finish. I am no stranger to good work, and this install is " play book quality". My sincere thanks to you and the staff for all that you have done in the past and I will forward my positive recommendations to others. It was a good day, for me and the wife, as she is in a battle for her life medically, and this lifted her spirits. Dave Lingerfelt    

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